Dan Ryder is a poet and writer from Doncaster, South Yorkshire. A graduate of the Manchester Writing School, his poems have been published in various literary magazines and shortlisted for international literary prizes. 

He is co-founder and editor of award-winning independent publisher Wild West Press.

In 2015 he lived in Melbourne, Australia for a year and was on the editorial committee for VoiceworksVoiceworks is a national literary magazine that publishes and pays for new writing and art by Australians under the age of 25.

Since moving back to Doncaster, he worked as a social media manager and writer for arts and culture magazine Doncopolitan. He was employed as creative producer for The Ted Hughes Project (South Yorkshire). He combined this with being a learning support assistant at a secondary school in his hometown.  

In 2017 he curated his debut exhibition These poets, our kin / These poems, our stories at the Frenchgate Centre. He reimagined a disused space that saw a daily footfall of 20,000 people. Initially meant to be exhibited for six months, it is still on display in 2021 due to positive public reception. 

He was one of three UK based writers yet to publish a debut novel awarded a Writers by Nature: Scholarship from the British Council in Germany. He is a current recipient of a Jerwood Bursary.

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