These poets, our kin / These poems, our stories

These poets, our kin / These poems, our stories is my debut exhibition as curator. I was commissioned to creatively reimagine an unused space within the Frenchgate Shopping Centre.

It is the first ever public poetry exhibition to have taken place in a commercial shopping centre (until someone tells me otherwise anyway…)

The space was several large blank walls which served as a walkway between Doncaster train station and the bus terminal. Roughly 20,000 people pass through this space every day. One of them being my grandma. No pressure. 

Rather than use “award winning poets” as initially suggested by the centre, I wanted to open up submissions to anyone who called Doncaster home. I believed this would root the work into the community. 

The exhibition opened in April 2017 and was initially meant to be displayed for six months. However, due to such a strong positive reception from the public it is still on display three and a half years later and counting.

The exhibition was an opportunity to showcase Doncaster’s diverse range of talented poets writing today. All poets selected were either born in Doncaster or currently call the town their home.

Anyway, rather than me blab on about it more. Here’s some of the best social media reaction.