4 techniques to lose weight permanently

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Lose weight permanently

While lose weight many people must have experienced that type of dieting. Abstain from this kind of food  according to various weight loss formulas Which before the weight can be reduced by 2-3 kilograms, it is exhausting to the point of suffocation.

At the heart of this weight loss formula, there is only one thing, which is “behavior modification”, both eating and lifestyle behaviors. Because of the weight will be reduced and maintained forever. Only those who lose weight must have the right and proper behavior. Let’s look at 4 simple ways for permanent results.

1. Know what to eat

The book Eat Well by Dr. Andrew Weil, Amarin Publishing, provides information that “Foods that are sweet and high in fat must be avoided. You should eat low-calorie foods such as vegetables and fruits because they make you feel full quickly and feel comfortable.” http://ufabet999.com

2. Eat foods that are low in GI 

(GI: Glycemic Index) is the speed at which carbohydrates are broken down into sugar. When eating foods with high GI values. The body quickly digests carbohydrates into sugar. resulting in higher blood sugar levels. The body has to secrete a large amount of the hormone insulin in order to quickly lower the sugar level. Resulting in us feeling hungry and wanting to eat food even though recently eaten Therefore, preventing people who lose or control weight feel hungry and want to eat all the time. Therefore, one should choose to eat foods that have a low GI value, i.e. unpolished flour foods such as brown rice, coarse rice, whole wheat bread, beans, some vegetables and fruits such as apples, oranges and guava.

3. Eat a full meal 

Dieting is not a way to lose weight. But it’s a signal that The body is in a state of ‘shortage’ causing the metabolism to slow down. But when we come back to eat again, it will stimulate the body. Change calories into more fat.” If you practice this consecutively for a long time. The body will reduce the metabolic rate down. to reserve energy for use in times of necessity As a result, when returning to eating normally after losing weight The weight therefore adds back more than ever.

4. Eat Japanese food 

The book can be thin without starving. of Dr. Thidakarn Rujipattanakul, Amarin Health Publishing, explains that one of the secrets to longevity of Japanese people is to eat only when they are full. By making you feel full only 8 out of 10 to avoid overeating and prevent flatulence. While eating, we should constantly ask ourselves if we feel full or how full we are. to measure feelings of fullness Eating food more slowly can help measure feelings of fullness more accurately.