How to notice the symptoms of “deafness” yourself

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How to notice the symptoms of “deafness” yourself.

How many times have you called a friend and they couldn’t hear you? We often joke that people are “hard of hearing,” even though the comparison may be a bit exaggerated. But there may be many people who would like to test themselves to see if they really are at risk of being deaf. We have a simple solution. Come and give it a try. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet

What is deafness?

As we all know, deafness refers to a condition in which we begin to be unable to hear sounds clearly. Normally, we should be able to hear sounds louder than 25 decibels but no more than 90 decibels. Deafness can limite to just one ear. Or both ears at all

If you have slight deafness You may not be able to hear very soft sounds. or a whisper If you are moderately deaf This means that you will begin to be unable to hear sounds at the level of normal conversations. If you are very hard of hearing, you may not be able to hear loud sounds. and may even hear very loud shouting. at a light level or heard only a little

What causes hearing loss?

Deafness from listening to loud noises

In most cases, deafness is cause by listening to loud noises for a long time. Causing the hair cells in the inner ear to destroyed (Sound loudness approximately more than 85 decibels). Which may be temporary deafness. or permanent deafness If it is deafness from listening to loud noises for a long time There will be no cure. Therefore, you should not stay in areas that are too noisy for long periods of time. or if necessary to work You should have earplugs to help reduce the noise level.

Deafness from uneven ear fluid (Mini Air)

Unequal fluid in the ears Caused by higher than normal fluid pressure in the inner ear. This causes the hair cells of the inner ear to destroye. Symptoms may include hearing loss, other sounds disturbing the ears, and dizziness. The initial symptoms may start with not being able to hear the sound and coming and going. It may start with a bass sound first. Later, more severe dizziness, nausea, or vomiting may begin. If you have such symptoms You should consult a doctor. To treate with medicine or surgery

Deafness from medicine

Deafness can be a side effect of certain medicines, such as pain relievers, cough suppressants, compounds such as arsenic, lead, mercury, and antibiotics such as various anti-inflammatory drugs. If you stop taking the medicine, symptoms may improve. Or some people may have symptoms after taking the medicine for a while. If symptoms are severe enough to interfere with your life You should consult your doctor to change to the appropriate medication.

Deafness due to age

Simply put, it is a deafness that comes with age. When people reach the age of 50, various cells in the body begin to degenerate. Hair cells in the inner ear may gradually deteriorates over time It may start by starting to listen to a high-pitched tone that cannot be heard. Until it spread to the level of normal conversation. Although it is a condition of deafness. That cannot be cured But there are hearing aids that can be used to help the elderly.

Deafness from a tumor of the auditory nerve.

Deafness from a tumor of the auditory nerve. There will be deafness in only one side. The symptoms gradually increased and began to cause noises in the ears. Starting to hear slowly, unable to understand the meaning or understand words (This can noticed from talking on the phone with the affected ear.) If the tumor grows very large. It may press on the nerve causing vision problems. or face is crooked and began to lose balance very well

Acute deafness or hearing loss

Caused by an infection of the inner ear. By insufficient blood to nourish the inner ear Or it may be caused by a tumor pressing on the auditory nerve. Coming to press on the blood vessels that supply the inner ear again which is very dangerous You should see a doctor as soon as possible.