Todd Bohly  has admitted he made a mistake in sacking Tuchel

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Todd Bohly as saying to someone close to him. He has admitted to sacking Germany coach Thomas Tuchel. got out of the chair early Until it was the beginning of the sloppiness of the team this season.

Chelsea in the era under Tuchel, despite not having achieved the Premier League title. But has one UEFA Champions League title in the 2020/21 season as well as the UEFA Super Cup. P and Club World FIFA Club World Cup. the UFABET report

to no stability within Stamford Bridge, with Graham Potter in charge and quickly sacked, then Bruno Saltor and Frank Lae. Mpard, who, along the way. Chelsea gradually lose hope for the title one by one Until the conclusion that awaits is a terrible end to the season. With the lowest tenth, around 11-14

Most recently, the Daily Mail stated that, although in fact, Tuchel is not someone who is already in charge of the team for 2-3 years, but both Bohli and close assistant Behdad Ekhbali are different. agreed that They were too hasty to sack the German coach. And this statement is “error”.

Both admit that if Tuchel continues to sit in the chair of the Singha team later Overall performance should be better than what it is.

Tuchel returned to his homeland after joining Bayern Munich in March, where he led the Bundesliga side above Borussia Dortmund. Mund 1 point while only the last 2 matches are left in the queue.