Arsenal 3-1 the Premier League on Sunday night

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Arsenal 3-1 in the Premier League on Sunday night.

United ended their 3-1 win over Arsenal. With the hosts netting goals from Anthony in the 35th minute. Two from Marcus Rashford in the 66th and 75th minutes Arsenal. While the away goals came from Buga. Yo Saka in the 66th minute grabbed three points at home. Narrowing the gap from the top of the Gunners to just three points already Premier League.

Starting the game for 8 minutes, Manchester United had a chance to win first from Eriksen’s volley. But the ball fell out of the frame only a bit.

A minute later, Arsenal had some chances from the rhythm of Saliba’s open shot. But the shot was not good enough to glide over the crossbar.

In the 13th minute, the visiting team had already sent the ball. Into the bottom of the net from Martinelli’s solo ball. But in the end VAR caught the foul first.

In the 19th minute. Jesus had a chance to strike from the second post. But the ball jumped out of the frame.

In the 30th minute Martinelli got the ball in the boundary line. Before firing with the left to the first post. but also de Gea’s save

Two minutes later, Martinelli had a chance to strike again, but did not pass De Gea’s hand.

In the 35th minute, the Red Devils took the lead first from the moment that Rashford paid for Anthony to fall off a single before shooting into the far post into the goal.

45th minute, Saka tried to look far, but the ball didn’t go out.

Finished the first 45 minutes, the home team led 1-0.

Three minutes later, Ramsdale misses the ball, and Bruno cuts it into the penalty area. But also shot to block Ramsdale, who came out to close the corner in time.

And at the end of 90 minutes, Manchester United opened the house to defeat Arsenal 3-1.