Coming back no and ends in defeat by Arsenal

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Coming back no and ends in defeat by Arsenal.

Arteta opted for Logonka to replace injured Thomas Patey and Mohamed Elneny, both of whom play as defensive midfielders, but Logonka, by nature, is not. defensive midfielder But playing in the style of a midfielder who is developing himself to future Box to Box player, he is not a defensive player. But it’s the one that keeps connecting the game. Receive – pass the ball through. Find some time to push the game. But if looking for heavy balls to cut the game or controlling the rhythm of the ball in the offensive game It is the test that fails immediately, standing with Xhaka.

Who later played as an attacker more than before. When there is no defensive midfielder to steer He couldn’t push as high as he used to. and become swallowed up Until the end, Mikel Arteta chose to adjust Oleksandr Zinchenko to play in the middle with Logonka, making Xhaka look the same as in many previous games.

The issue of Thomas Patey’s absence one those. That must address urgently. On the last day of the market they missed out and brought in Douglas Luiz. It must be with the existing team to adjust the play, however. When he was injured And the person. Who place it as a reserve like Elneny was also injure. Plus there is a chance to stay longer

“Concentration” and “Details”

Regardless of the result of the match, these 4 goals were all caused by mistakes of both teams. “Concentration” is important in deciding on the “details” of play, which today Manchester United can Better to snatch away mistakes. Arsenal were striking forward looking for the first goal of the game. When they didn’t (because the goal was stripped from VAR) they lost their focus for a while. And it’s a game where they create many finishing chances. But in the end, when it came to the crucial moment, both the goals that they had come and the three goals. They lost It comes from pure meditation.

Manchester United’s first goal  : Gabriel’s pass into Bruno fell, becoming an advantage. When the referee released the game, while Gabriel turned to try to tell the referee no foul. Turned into a stunned moment for a split second, the ball arrived at Sancho. Even if Rashford in the middle of the goal and left-back Zinchenko chose to release Anthony. to run to block Rashford. Who may choose to shoot. But became out of the ball for Anthony added to shoot the first goal of the game.

Manchester United are back on track with four wins in a row. They’ll be so excited about playing at home that they’ve grown more confident. Arsenal part Even being the leader for another week. But the confidence will definitely undermine. But this season has only just begun.

Ten Hag has partially proven his quality, while Arteta has also shown almost three years into the job. He made Arsenal Become a team hungry for victory. with a clear playing system. Driven by the young energy of the team Willing to fight even. After Although the end of this game is a bit vague. But did not give up