Man Utd 3-1 Arsenal: Clearing up issues

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Man Utd 3-1 Arsenal: Clearing up issues after Arsenal’s first defeat of the season.

Anthony’s debut 

Getting the first game and scoring the first goal straight away, it’s a Dream Debut for every player. And the €100 million star earns it in a game where he plays quite dangerously. There may be times that are not compatible with some new teammates. But his personal playing skills have to say that another dangerous man has arrived in the Premier League with his first 57 minutes in his first game.

Making decisions with “concentration” and “details”

Arsenal can create more chances than Manchester United. But in detail. And the rhythm of getting into Manchester United each time can more inform. If you look in terms of excitement, Arsenal is the answer, but today’s intensity belongs to Manchester United. Arsenal’s three goals conceded It came from a few seconds of distraction on their own defenses. 

Both the first goal of Gabriel’s uninterrupted interception, the second goal that started from the ball out of Lonca. And the support line opens a channel to pierce through the middle. Until the moment of the third goal with just changing down at the same time. Three Position management is still confusing. and became destroyed It is a game. That is decided with details. It’s a very “little big” thing, and Manchester United are brilliant to grab it all.

Arsenal’s defensive midfielder’s absence in big games

Thomas Patey is the name of Arsenal’s most important defensive midfielder. missing in this game And it’s one of the keys to driving the team’s central midfield. and is the one who slows down the speed of the competitors at the same time His absence remains irreplaceable for Arsenal, with Samby Logonka playing in midfield. Even better than the first game But it’s still not an alternative option.