Pochettino asks people not to compare Caicedo at Chelsea with Brighton.

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Chelsea head coach Mauricio Pochettino thinks it’s unfair to compare midfielder Moises Caicedo performance. While playing for them with his time at Brighton last season. Saying he needs to give it time. After adjusting until then, try measuring again.

Caicedo was snapped up by the ‘Singles’ Liverpool for an expensive 115 million pounds. Played 14 matches in every competition, still no goals or assists, little influence  UFABET

It’s very different from when the 22-year-old star was with the ‘Nulls’ last season. Carrying the midfield in 43 matches in every competition. Scoring one goal and one assist. Until many parties view coming to Stamford Bridge as a regression. 

To this end, Pochettino responded that he was too hasty in his judgment. 

“I think it’s a matter of process an attempt to analyze or compare Players from one season to another are not fair.” 

“It’s a different environment, different times. or the immediate situation you are faced with.” 

“He arrived when the English Premier League had already started. Didn’t get pre-season.” 

“There was an emotional situation with him. Then got hurt from the national team. Then there is hardly any time to rest or recover.”

“At this point it’s been 2-3 months. With the players resting and competing alongside, concentrating on Chelsea. It’s not fair to compare the players from one season to another. When he played elsewhere.” 

Asian Handicap Chelsea handicap -10 , total score of three goals -10